About Adrienne's Pizzabar

From The Wall Street Journal

While Stone Street has rapidly evolved into the entertainment heart of the Financial District, it remains a great place to grab a pint, but not necessarily to linger over anything more substantial. Adrienne's Pizza Bar is a welcome exception.

Harry and Peter Poulakakos, the team behind other neighborhood favorites like Financier Patisserie and Ulysses, along with Nick Angelis, owner of the popular Forest Hills pizza spot, got together to start Adrienne's when there was still a dearth of casual restaurants in the area. In recent years, however, the clientele has evolved. That may have helped with the restaurant's endurance, but no doubt it also has much to do with the generously sized pies spread thick with mozzarella.

"On the weekends it was pretty much a ghost town. Now it's a lot different. It's in a lot of the tourist books. We get a lot of Europeans and a lot of weekend traffic," said Ivona Garcia, a manager.

To start, the insalata di arugula—one of the restaurant's most popular salads—has a sharp mix of flavors, with sun-dried tomatoes, roasted peppers, Italian mustard and large chunks of cheese.

The restaurant is best known for its unusually shaped square pies baked on an 18.5-inch tray, which are more than enough for two people to share. The simple toppings—including broccoli rabe, sausage and eggplant—come heaped on the thin-crust pie, which can make it a bit greasy.

For those not rushing back to the trading desk, desserts include a Nutella chocolate cake, which is as moist and decadent as the name suggests.

—Laura Kusisto